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Optimise processes in your Estate, Improve Engagement with Residents and Property Owners and Improve Payment Reconciliations

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    Demand Notices Generation and Billing

    Generate accurate demand notices for all parties related to a property.

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    Online Electricity/Utilities Vending

    Estate Manager integrates with any STS compliant Utility Vending Server to enable online request and payment for electricity tokens.

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    Service Provision Controls

    Establish controls over what services can be rendered to specific residents depending on their debt profile.

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    Visitor Management

    Manage entry and exit of visitors and contractors on the estate using an automated workflow.

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    Simple Payments

    Simple Payments enables residents to conveniently purchase any item and service from the estate on their mobile or desktop computer.

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    Flexible Reporting

    Real time reports to keep you informed of all that's happening.

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    Issues Management

    Estate Manager provides tools to allow residents, facilities managers and other parties on estates and commercial properties to create, assign, handle and track issues.

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    Communications Management

    With estate manager, you can define message templates, newsletters and SMS communications that allow you to send communications to all residents or targeted groups that share common characteristics within the estate.


In addition to the core estate management functionality, Estate Manager also provides a fully featured Enterprise Management System that enables you to run your estate professionally.
Some of the functionality it provides are;

  • ● Full accounting solution to track the estates finances
  • ● Manage purchase of shared/common items such as diesel
  • ● Manage and pay your estate management staff
  • ● Stock purchases, management and consumption
  • ● Maintenance scheduling and costing
  • ● Customer relationship management
  • ● Resident communication tools - Newsletters, SMS broadcasts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Manager is a software platform that enables Facilities Managers, Developers and Estate Owners and Residents Associations to manage processes in their estates such as Issue Management.

  • Ownership and Occupancy Details
  • Demand Notice Generation
  • Cash calls for Estate Projects
  • Estate Communications and Notifications
  • Online Payments for Services
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Inventory Management for Fuel and Spares
  • Visitor Management
  • Service Provision Controls
  • Financial Reporting and so much more

Estate Manager supports Interswitch, Paystack, Flutterwave and Rave. In addition, it is easy for us to extend support to any payment gateway you prefer.

Estate Manager is secure. It is hosted on a secure server, uses SSL to protect communications and employs two-factor authentication to make sure that only authorised personnel have access to the software.

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Yes. Estate Manager integrates with any STS-compliant vending server and is able to use this to generate and deliver tokens to estate residents and commercial property tenants.